Prompt 9: Sing something for Driving

SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Do not make your recording while driving. Singing is important, but not at the cost of your life! What is it about real-life situations that make it so easy and fun to find song? There’s a philosophical question for another day. Today, let this be our Prompt: sing something appropriate for driving. Read More

Prompt 8: Create Interlocking Parts

This week we return to our explorations of what happens when there are multiple simultaneous parts in a piece, as often happens. We’ve used the strategy that is probably most common: that of parallel harmony. Now let’s get two parts dancing together. Create some music that has two parts in an Interlocking relationship with each Read More

Prompt 7: Discover a hidden language.

In our prompt a month ago, we asked you to explore new syllables. Now let’s build on that work to get deeper into the fabric of speech, in the hope of finding some music there. In her book Vocal River, Rhiannon encouraged us to explore something she calls “personal language,” an intuitive form of speech which Read More

Prompt 6: Sing a lullaby.

It’s nice when real life serves you up a situation that simply *requires* a song. If you’re paying attention, these moments are not that far apart. When I (Jascha) babysit for my sweet niece, I’ve found myself reaching for Brazilian songs, folk and pop ballads, and beyond. It has really stretched me to expand my repertoire. And so I give you the Read More