Prompt 18: Sing the moon.

Calling all lunatics! The moon will be full on Monday. Let’s sing for it. You can do this any way you please. Use the surface of the moon as a visual score. Sing an epic tale of the survival of humankind after the destruction of the moon. Go outside and howl at the moon, if you must. Or you could follow one Read More

Prompt 17: Sing in Triple Metre

It’s a waltz. It’s in three, or 3/4, or any of the many other ways to describe or notate it. Other genres and other cultures may have additional styles of song that also fit into this category. But where most of us very naturally fall into making music with four beats to every measure, this Read More

Prompt 16: Sing the five senses.

Sweet singers! This week it’s time for another visual prompt. Here it is: This is a digital montage called “Sense and Sensibility” by the brilliant visual artist W. David Powell. It is cut-and-pasted from medical and scientific texts of the past.

Prompt 15: Sing a song for Working

I’ve been working on the railroad. Heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go. Six foot, seven foot, eight foot, bunch. Yo ho, blow the man down. Work songs have been around as long as we can tell, in every agrarian culture (past and present) that we can find. Let’s get to work. The Prompt: sing Read More