Prompt 22: Sing for the sea.

Landlocked singers!  Today is the international Day of the Seafarer. And earlier this month was World Oceans Day. The ocean has inspired so much music, probably even before air-breathing animals crept onto land. So, this week, let’s sing to our mother, the ocean. As usual, there are options. You could invent a new melody for an old sea Read More

Prompt 21: It’s Your Time!

It’s high time we returned to a timed-improvisation Prompt. For the singer who is new to improvisation, these provide a chance to find the courage to Just Keep Singing, and to break through to a place where they discover that they do, indeed, have plenty of wonderful ideas. For the experienced improvisor, these provide the Read More

Prompt 20: Sing your courage.

The word “courage” comes from the Latin root “cor”, meaning heart. The dictionary defines it as “the ability to do something that frightens you” or “strength in the face of pain or grief.” Courage. Strength. Taking heart. We could all use a little more of these things. This week, feel your own courage rising, and Read More

Prompt 19: Sing at 83 Beats Per Minute

Improvising singers have noticed time and time again that being put into a novel musical context elicits different responses from their personal musical instincts. Say, for example, that you’ve never been in a piobaireachd before, but upon fining yourself in that sonic situation you discover that there’s a way that you’re naturally drawn to respond Read More