Prompt 31: the Solo Vocal Line

Certain of our members (ahem, Amado) have been working with looping technology long enough—and using it so often in reply to these Prompts—that we at SingThis Mission Control are concerned that we’ve created an unspoken expectation that you should become good at Loopy HD or something in order to participate. This is not so; our Read More

Prompt 30: Return to the Real World

Almost everybody can remember a time when they went away to someplace cool and learned something that proved important to them. Maybe you can recall such a time. Perhaps, as I write, you’re one of the many people travelling home from just such a time. Let’s compare your journey to “the Hero(ine)’s Journey,” that analysis/reduction Read More

Prompt 29: Circlesongs

Sweet singers! This week has been a momentous one for the SSS, as it has seen the establishment of our first local chapter, Spontaneous Singing NYC. It all happened rather…spontaneously…as about 50 singers converged on a resonant tunnel in Central Park under the guidance of visiting Brazilian teacher Zuza Gonçalves. It was an exceptionally joyful session, with passersby joining in for some deep play, as you can see Read More

Prompt 28: Sing a long loop

Earlier this year I stepped into a taxi in Brooklyn, and immediately noticed the absence of music. So I asked the driver why the radio was off. He told me that music drove him crazy. Not just the pop on the radio—ALL music. Intrigued by this exception to our nearly-universal musicophilia, I asked him what Read More