Prompt 40: Absurdity!

Twice upon a time there was a man. Who? everyone, no-one. His heart was brimming with dozens, scores of songs clamoring to get out. But he was a silly man, and he despaired that the songs would never be sung. Then, one day, after years of expensive therapy, he began to sing. Every day. Songs Read More

Prompt 39: Ours to heal.

This morning on my run in the park, I was having trouble letting go of a grudge against myself. It was causing me pain. So I sat down on a bench and tried to breathe. Suddenly I saw my own heart — an enormous dark cloud — hanging over the open field. And I heard the words: “This is ours Read More

Prompt 38: Speak Your Truth

Pause for a moment and consider: what is one of the most important things that is going on for you personally right now, and what is so true about it for you that it is a capital-t Truth? Something that is meaningful and undeniable, to you, right now. Let’s hear it. Your Prompt: Speak, sing, Read More

Prompt 37: Chocolate!

At our annual meeting in August, we held our first live  “promptathon,” where members gathered to write spur-of-the-moment prompts on index cards, which we then used as the basis for a delightful series of small-group improvisations. There were so many high points from that session, and the cards that we drew led to some lovely new music. But Read More

Prompt 36: Explore your break.

Scientists who study the voice have found that the muscles that control the larynx are capable of producing several distinct patterns of vibration, each with its own typical pitch range and sound quality. Singers tend to call these different modes “registers“, and label them with terms like upper and lower, head and chest—not to mention whistle and fry. Many singers aim for Read More