Prompt 44: Family.

This time of year, Americans gather with their extended families for enormous feats of eating and drinking. It has been marked as time of gratitude, as well as a time of buying. But it is a time when it is nearly impossible to avoid thinking about what one thing means to you. And that thing is “family.” The concept of “family” is Read More

Prompt 43: Story Tropes

We can sing about any number of things: actions, emotions, places, objects, images, the ineffable. Have we ignored the possibilities that are in words, in stories? Perhaps not, but let’s pay them a visit. Stories—real or imagined, historical or present-day, in English or a ConLang or our own idioglossia—give us an evocative entryway to singing. Read More

Prompt 42: Do Over!

Life is unpredictable. Time is limited. Physics rebels. The flesh is weak. Sometimes vision just doesn’t translate into reality. We singers are no exception. We work at our craft. But sometimes we all could use another shot at redemption. A get-out-of-jail-free card. A mulligan, as the golfers say. So this week, we invite you to Read More

Prompt 41: You Can Say That Again

A question occurred to me this week that I found interesting. It’s all well and good—necessary, even, I would say—to deepen what we’re capable of expressing through our art. Likewise it’s valuable to raise our technical proficiency, with our instruments and our musical fluency and, possibly, even the technology aspects. With these skills, we can Read More