Prompt 53: Put Your Name On the Map.

This week, I found myself on an overnight flight from São Paulo to New York City (returning from an incredible body music retreat that I can’t recommend highly enough). During the night, I woke to glance at a screen showing our plane as a tiny dot in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was a moment of wonder, Read More

Prompt 52: Winter Comes Full-Cycle

Some of you are on the East Coast of the Unites States, where we’ve got a bit of a snowy situation brewing. Others of you are not, but most of us can remember a time when we were snowed-in or, if not, a time when we had cabin fever for one reason or another. But I Read More

Prompt 51: Let’s Play

Sometimes it seems as if we’re not doing art that matters unless we get in touch with some intense human experience. Here at SingThis Mission Control, we’ve ocassionally gone that way: “sing your courage. Sing for simply being alive; then, for waking up. Sing an emotion; speak your truth. Sing for healing, sing absurdity, sing Read More

Prompt 50: Sing Your Block.

Yesterday, a friend called me. She was in tears. Having a very hard time. Mostly about her relationship with music. From the outside, she seemed to be kicking ass: teaching singing to adults and children, doing it rather well, and getting paid for it. But on the inside, she was filled with doubt and criticism and jealousy. Read More

Prompt 49: Anterospective

Last week, a retrospective, a look “backward, back, or behind.” This week, on the (admittedly arbitrarily-selected) first calendar day of the New Year, a look “before or in front” of the year you have ahead of you. We could call that an “anterospective” if we wanted to, sure, we have an artistic license and we know Read More