Prompt 57: Sing for a minute.

Got a minute? Well then, you can do this prompt. Last year we tried a series of time-based prompts inspired by Bobby McFerrin’s famous (and deceptively simple) invitation to sing freely for ten minutes every day. Our assumption was that shorter was easier. So we started gently with a prompt to sing for just two minutes, then gradually Read More

Prompt 56: Headline Rhythm

This week we’ll work with an arbitrary way to generate an initial musical idea. We’ll start with a “found phrase” (and we’ll help you find one), and ask you to decide what rhythm it falls into for you. From there, we’ll take out the words, add whatever melody calls to us, and articulate in our Read More

Prompt 55: Sing to the room.

Last night I had the pleasure of hearing two phenomenal groups back to back: Sweet Honey in the Rock at Carnegie Hall; then the late show from Rachelle Ferrell’s quartet at the Blue Note. Putting aside the many quirks of each of these wondrous groups, and the deep traditions they each draw from, I noticed Read More

Prompt 54: SICK!

I see you there. Doing your fabulous life. (Yes, I know it doesn’t feel all that fabulous all the time, but it is.) Singing your sings, writing the things, teaching, dancing, organizing, balancing books, healing, managing staff, building stuff, connecting people… all the things that you do with that fabulous meat machine you’re driving around, Read More