Prompt 61: Sing for spring!

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you’ve┬áprobably noticed something like this happening around you: Do you even need a prompt with all the flowers and grasses blooming around you?

prompt 60: as loud as joy, as quiet as prayer

i’m applying to do a circlesinging activity at a festival event, and here’s one of the questions on the application: “how loud or quiet is your activity?” an answer sprang to mind unbidden: “as loud as joy, as quiet as prayer.” of course, i didn’t leave it at that; i added clear examples to describe Read More

Prompt 59: Don’t record.

If a voice sings into the air, and there is no microphone to record it, does it make a sound? The answer, this week, is an emphatic YES. Recording is a wonderful thing. It lets us reach folks on other continents; listen back to ourselves; loop and layer forever. For a project like the SSS, Read More

Prompt 58: Duet With Your Younger Self

I’ve been carrying around a box of 4-track audio cassettes for years. They’re my “master tapes,” and they’re of dubious usefulness. Especially since it’s been about three years since I’ve laid eyes on my 4-track cassette recorder that’s capable of playing them back properly. Until last weekend. Unpacking, sorting, purging, and re-packing, I came across Read More