Prompt 1: Sing for two minutes.

We wanted to make the first prompt as simple and open-ended as possible. So we’re just asking you to hit record, open your mouth, and go. There is simply no wrong way to do this. You could explore the outer limits of your voice, find a pattern and repeat it, or tell a story in Read More

Welcome to the SSS!

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic response to our invitation, and for signing up to receive our weekly Prompts.  You are awesome, and this is going to be awesome because of you. Since it’s a couple of days yet before the first Prompt goes out on Thursday, we thought we’d tide you over by giving Read More

The Invitation

Dearest Singers! When last we were together, Bobby McFerrin told us to “sing every day, and never give up.” Each of us has followed this advice in our own way, and that’s a beautiful thing. And in that spirit—we invite you to participate in an online “club” of sorts that will encourage you to record Read More

12 Tips for Making All The Time

It’s not easy to carve out time for singing, or any other craft. But, strangely, it gets easier when you make a commitment. Here are some tips that might help you get started on a regular practice — whether you’re singing every week, writing every day, beatboxing every half-hour, or underwater basket-weaving every six or seven years. I Read More

Benefits of Regular Practice

Information about what this all is, guidelines, FAQs, and the like is elsewhere in this site. As we get underway, perhaps it will be useful to talk a bit about why you may find participating in our weekly prompts a transformative experience. I’ve been doing a daily song project 5 days a week for 4+ months, as of Read More