Prompt 80: Sing from a common sentence.

Lately, I (Jascha) have been obsessed with Paul Simon, a peerless American songwriter. Here’s what he says, in an interview from the early 1990s, about the delicate task of writing the first line of a song: “How you begin a song is one of the hardest things. The first line of a song is very hard. You Read More

Prompt 79: Endings. And Beginnings.

Your correspondent—Amado, today—is about to go through some pretty knarly changes. Welcome changes, most welcome indeed. But pretty fundamental. Putting a bookmark in this book, setting it aside, and picking up another that has long been set aside, bookmarked in its place. Some of our participants are about to, next week, head off to the Read More

Prompt 78: Sing these hands.

This week we return to a visual prompt. And … here it is: Your task is simply to use the image as a jumping off point for singing.