Prompt 5: Sing for three minutes.

It’s hard to believe that a full month has passed since our first prompt. In that time we’ve all had a chance to marvel at the wild invention and vulnerability that dozens of singers have brought from across the world. All in all, it’s been an incredible month for spontaneous singing. Thank you so much for making it so. And now … Read More

Prompt 4: Explore Parallel Harmony

So far, all of our Prompts have been possible with just one voice. Sometimes—rarely, at first—we’ll encourage you to try something that prooobably takes two or more voices to accomplish, either with friends, or computer recording software*, a mobile-device app**, or a looping pedal***. Starting now. Explore the possibilities of what you can make using Read More

Prompt 3: Try out as many Syllables as you can

So much of improvisational vocal music-making involves glossolalia, or scat syllables, or “nonsense sounds” (though we’ll be unpacking those semantics later). So let’s open up the floodgates in a no-pressure environment. Try every syllable you can think of, in the order you can think of them, no matter how strange or outlandish they seem. When Read More

Prompt 2: Sing a song for Walking.

Last week’s prompt was an open-ended time-delimited one. Singers rose to the challenge and discovered the power to create music they have within them. Now let’s apply that power to a purpose. Sing a song that’s appropriate for walking, taking a walk. The walk that you sing your song for can be of any kind—from Read More