Prompt 70: Haiku

Maybe you’re not like the present author—it’s Amado, this week, by the way; Jascha sends his love, as always—in that words come easy for you. Some people have developed their improvisational ability with language such that they can tell a cohesive and compelling story on-demand. Or even freestyle rap, rhymes and flow and everything. For Read More

Prompt 69: Constancy Amongst Change

Things change. That’s it; that’s the rule. Bare sticks turn to budding trees, buds turn to leaves, leaves turn colors. Skies change from blue to grey to blue again. Teenagers experience dramatic changes to their bodies, but as we continue to age the changes to our bodies never really stop. Even the rivers change in Read More

Prompt 68: Give it away.

This week, I came across an intriguing suggestion in a book by the Buddhist teacher Ken McLeod: “How do you practice generosity? Once a day, give something you own to someone else. You may give a paperclip or a flower, but the object has to be physical and it has to be yours. It may be Read More

Prompt 67: Your Perfect Day

Perhaps some of you are not like the present author, and do not long for your proverbial “Ship” to “Come In.” Perhaps you’ve already, long ago realized what many of us have yet to learn: that we can choose our lives, and that there are steps that are entirely in our control that can move Read More