Prompt 35: So Emotional

Here we go, folks. Strap in tight, because we’re venturing into potentially dangerous waters. There’s probably not a person in this world who has precisely the same relationship with their emotions as anybody else. And we’re not gonna tell you what yours should be; just take this week’s Prompt in whatever way is emotionally safe Read More

Prompt 34: Sing to a thing.

Rhiannon, that path-breaking teacher of vocal improvisation, is the inspiration for this week’s prompt. She recently shared with her students this intriguing passage from a book called Becoming Animal by David Abram: “We’ve largely forgotten the incantatory and invocational use of speech as a way of bringing ourselves into deeper rapport with the beings around us … We talk Read More

Prompt 33: Waking Up

We sleep, we wake up, fall back to unconsciousness, and reawaken again. This is literally true, and has a figurative sense as well. In the literal sense, we seem to need the periods where sensation and voluntary movement are mostly shut down to go anabolic and build up our systems: immunity, bones and muscles, brain Read More

Prompt 32: Childhood songs.

Go ahead, walk out into the street. Take a good look around. Every grown-up you see — every last one — was once a child. Incredible, no? Every child has a favorite song. A record they’ll spin over and over, a melody sung by an uncle or aunt, a tune they heard around the campfire that they keep inventing verses to. This Read More