Prompt 27: Sing for a friend

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Today is International Friendship Day. The holiday (which started in Paraguay in 1958) is pretty self-explanatory. It honors those who listen, help and care for us. It honors those we trust, those we eat and laugh with our chosen family. So let us raise our voices to honor our friends, wherever they may be.

Prompt 26: Lo-Fidelity!

We each have a different level of technical proficiency with recording equipment. For some of us, the myriad of options is intimidating, and we’re more comfortable with something straightforward. For others, we’ve become accustomed to our fancy recording rigs, and we’re uncomfortable exposing ourselves without that security blanket! But music is about music, not recording, Read More

Prompt 25: Alive!

If you are reading this, you are almost certainly ALIVE. Your heart is beating, your lungs are working. This all started before you were born, so it’s natural that you might take it for granted. But in the scheme of things, being alive is not all that common. In fact, it is rare and precious. Even those Read More

Prompt 24: I Heart Pluto!

In 2006, the committee of human beings who officially decide such things decided on what the criteria were for considering a celestial body a “planet,” simultaneously demoting the body Pluto from a “planet” to a “dwarf planet.” Nine years later, on humankind’s closest fly-by to date, Pluto revealed to us a suspiciously heart-shaped coloration on Read More

Prompt 23: The Forest

Quick! Observe your feelings and thoughts! What was your first reaction to the phrase “the forest”? Enchantment? Danger? Dirt? Adventure? Familiar, or foreign? Welcome, or unwanted? This week we want to tap in to your personal experience of a forest (or forests in general) and hear what it sounds like. So take a moment now Read More