Prompt 48: Year in Review.

We’ve come a long way, folks! We’ve been singing together for nearly a year. So many voices, so many songs. Now, it’s time to take stock of all we’ve sung. So here’s your assignment (our first that doesn’t require any new singing!): Make a playlist of all the SSS tracks you sang in 2015. That’s it! Easy. Read More

Prompt 47: Song Forms – AABA

What’s a way to say a thing you wanted to say? Here’s a way to say a thing you wanted to say. If you ever get confused, if you ever go astray: here’s a way to say a thing you wanted to say. See what I did there? While much of improvisation is finding the Read More

Prompt 46: Sing the dark.

We’re getting near the shortest days of the year, when night threatens to overtake day. The festivals of light around this time may not feel like they amount to more than a brief flicker. We sleep more, eat more, and sometimes our minds and hearts go to darker places. If we want to make it through the winter, we may need to resolve Read More

Prompt 45: Walking the Talk

This week’s Prompt comes by way of a happy accident. A bit of wordplay that arose in a session of improvisation led, a bit later, to some introspection on the talk that we talk, and the walk that we walk. We talk a good game, don’t we? We post on Social Media about issues that Read More